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Looking Back: 9-month Old Baby Aaro

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We were closing in on the last few days to make a decision about Sangram’s file, and we knew at this point that we needed to seek some professional medical advice...
So, just when we needed it, a family (that we don’t even know) donated to our adoption. They gifted us with just the amount that we needed to be able to pay for a pre-adoptive phone consultation with a doctor at the International Adoption Clinic in Birmingham, Alabama. 
It was a Friday night, and Dr. Chambers had used her after hours to fully review little Sangram’s medical files in preparation for our phone consultation with her. We nervously awaited her phone call that evening, but as soon as we began the conversation, all of our reservations melted away. Her voice and attitude were upbeat and positive, and she set us at ease immediately. The clock was ticking, and we had only a few days left to make our decision about this file while it was still ours to reserve and consider. Dr. C…
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It's Time for Labor Day!

In the midst of all the packing lists, last minute preparations, finalizing itinerary details, compiling necessary paperwork, and savoring last moments as a couple, I wanted to pause and reflect on the many moments of God’s goodness, provisions, and blessings that have marked these last few weeks. 
Christmas in July
It was July 25th, and I was about to turn in for the night, weary from a long day of endless demands and a pounding headache. I happened to check my messages with a lingering hope in my heart that an update about our court process might miraculously come through. Well, much to my delight, I had an unread message notification from our case worker at Lifeline! She actually happened to be in India that week for Lifeline-related business and work, but she took the time to reach out to me to share that our family had gotten the VERBAL court order we had been waiting so many months for!! It was much too late at night for such a surge of energy and excitement, but I spontaneously c…

Purpose and Plans

“Look,” he said, weary from all the unknowns, “Let’s let Aaro finish his assignment.”His words stopped me dead in my tracks. It was as if someone had snapped the music off right in the middle of a crazy song with the volume turned up high.
I had never thought about it like that. But my husband, Steven’s exhortation that afternoon, as we sat in the car in the church parking lot together hit me square in the face. 
His words breathed hope into my weary soul and I eagerly welcomed this new perspective. I sat there for a few moments and pondered this idea, and I suddenly felt my furrowed brow shape into delight.
Could Aaro at the tender age of 14- almost 15 months- have a God-given “assignment” in the orphanage where he is being cared for? Being used by the Lord in ways his little mind and heart don’t even know? 
I don’t know, truthfully.
But I began to wonder what if. My desperate heart raced with possibilities…
What if God has placed our son at this orphanage “for such a time as this”, us…


Since our matching with Aaro, the trials have felt numerous. The circumstances painful. The testing real and the wait, heartbreaking.
➳ Our son has been hospitalized 3 times with various illnesses and infections, BUT GOD has healed him each time, and he has since remained healthy.

➳ We were originally denied permission to visit him when we were going to be traveling to India in April, BUT GOD in His mercychanged the hearts of those in charge and gave us the opportunity to meet him. 

➳ Our 5 court hearings have either been disposed, rescheduled, delayed, or reportedly unattended by important parties, BUT GOD will “defend the cause of the weak and fatherless; maintain the rights of the poor and oppressed.”(Psalm 82:3)
➳ We had hoped that we would finalize in court on June 14th, BUT GOD, in His will and perfect timing has (for whatever reasons) allowed our case to continue, and we are now  scheduled to have our next court hearing on July 17th.
➳ I have wept and grieved and poured out every p…

The First of Many

If you have bought one of our Chosen Adoption T-Shirts, would you please do us a favor and SEND US A PHOTO of you or your family wearing your tees? 📸 We want to create a memorable collage for Aaro to be able to look back on one day!
📣 LAST CALL: Still want to purchase a Chosen shirt to support the last leg of our Adoption Journey? Grab a tee at the link above! 

India Trip: Meeting Our Son!

I woke up that Sunday morning in India with a smile on my lips and a sweet realization in my heart. We’re in the same time zone as him!

You see, for twelve weeks, every day since we learned about our son, I have calculated the (annoying) math of 9.5 hours ahead of my time zone just to think about what time it would be where Aaro lives. I have wondered and imagined what he may be doing at different times throughout the day. So it was a sweet feeling to feel connected to him in this small, yet significant way. I knew that when I was waking up or eating meals or going to bed, that he was likely doing the same in his little orphanage home. What a joy it was to land on Indian soil, knowing that my baby was just a few hours away- just a city away! And no longer an entire world away from us anymore.
The first 10 days of our trip were spent with our mission team in Delhi, where we worked with our ministry partners to run a few medical camps in the slums. 

Our team then took a trip to visit a cit…